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Our global community is made up of people who would want to make a difference through either train in Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA), Co-create to help others or support our cause with donations.

Our organisation is a Not-for-Profit solving future unemployment issues due to AI and automation and the limitations of the current education system. Our goal is to bring mental acceleration to everyone regardless of their background, location or educational status.

Our life changing programs are truly transformational in every regard, as every part of who you are and your sense of identity is linked to another in a holistic way. Unlike any other program of development, we see identity in terms of duality. The shell autopilot identity that is the secure unconscious first stage of the adult human mind, evolving into the core spiritual identity that follows the destiny path of true meaning & purpose.

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Join the MindGYM to dive deeper into the area of NMA, Flow State and the Future of Work where we will face your perceived reality and embrace change.

Events & Books

Start your journey with your individual book selection or explore more by participating in one of our events. We're looking forward to meeting you.

Personal & Professional Training

Our personal & professional training is for all visionary minds who want to have an impact and be part of the change.

Each program is an unlearning of who we think we are and what we think we know within society’s restrictive terms of limitation, and a relearning of who we were meant to become through our expression of self within the experience of life without limitation, doubt or uncertainty.


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