Being part of a Swiss NGO of social entrepreneurs we operate on a global level through the training partners of our association, providing extensive consciousness awareness programs in agile thinking, to prepare people mentally for the challenges they will face over the coming decade and beyond.

The first position is to look into the future and ask what is needed from us as human beings as we go through what some call the great reset and others call the re-evolution. One is unconscious and the other is conscious.

The structure of our organisation is based around one thing – preparing the Human mind to think beyond the band width it is currently restricted to. CHD provides advanced mental training for businesses and individuals as well as a social movement to bring people together and co-create the future socio economic systems we will need to solve global issues of education and work in conjunction with the challenges that the fourth industrial revolution will bring.

Anyone can be a member: We train people in critical thought, creative thought, empathetic understanding and co-creative skills. We are a fully autonomous decentralised movement of awareness – looking to challenge the move towards totalitarianism on a geo political front. Politics as a definition in the context of our movement is – a set of activities based around making decisions in groups. These decisions require each individual to increase their levels of awareness from the ‘I’-focus to the ‘Us’-mentality. This means taking the path of enlightenment away from the egos perception of needs based thinking .

In short, human beings all need to upgrade their thinking by 2-3000% in terms of the breadth and depth of their capacity to think in an agile way to survive the next ten years, rather than project what they currently think or believe. It’s a survival situation.

We welcome all donations to help us further our work regardless of size to help others benefit from this unique form of mental development that is essential for the future. Or alternatively, if you are interested in sponsoring someone specific through our trainings, please get in touch with us directly.

If you feel there is more to life than you may currently be aware of and would like to explore this further, always wanted to make a difference in society, or simply want to support us and others on their journey, get in touch and let’s start co-creating a better world together.

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