Mind Acceleration

Mind Acceleration

Unlike all other personal development programs, the focus is on expanding the bandwidth and neuroplasticity of the brain, rather than simply gaining new information and trying to remember it within one’s current frequency of thought; which as a methodology has a very low penetration level, as the brain is optimised for forgetting information that is not a priority — it’s a survival mechanism. Thus logically and scientifically, expanding the cognitive function or band width of the brain, must be the primary objective — before new programs of thought process can be run effectively.

In brainwave frequency and bandwidth development terms, we primarily focus on five areas. Moving the mind from:

  1. A conditioned bias towards alpha and beta waves, into theta and gamma — for greater problem-solving and creative capabilities, 
  2. A conditioned bias towards convergent left brain dominance, into divergent thought and hemispheric synchronisation — to develop flow state, insight and inspiration
  3. A conditioned bias towards using the conscious mind at 40 bits of data per second, into using the unconscious mind at 40 million bits of data per second — for maximising processing speed, energy and focus.
  4. A conditioned bias towards a state of self-limiting identification through unconscious thought and language patterns, into mastering the programming language of mind — to direct the brain from a strategic view within the mind space rather than mindset.
  5. A conditioned bias towards a limited perspective reality, into developing a connection with the experiential learning bank and the quantum field — providing the wisdom to navigate meaning, purpose and destiny.

Mind Acceleration with CHD & Co-Create

Our systems are based around two parts to the ascension equation. Firstly, learning about self through asking deeper better-quality questions of who we are, why we are here and why we think the way we do. This brings us to a neutral position for growth, rather than negative self-defeating, and then learning to work with others to pass on the wisdom we now know and help them aspire; which is where the real acceleration of the unleashed creative mind begins.

In this state everything changes, but one must be prepared to give into potential and give up the prison of limiting self-serving perception and identity — this is the true price of ascension. Here we must be prepared to go beyond our comfort zones and make mistakes, as life is about progression, not perpetual procrastination or seeking perfection. It’s about learning to navigate the archetypal patterns of what it really is to be human, something we can all master and enjoy — step by step, in the company of others who want the best for us as we do for them, working towards a unified world of equal opportunity and co-creation for all.

Mental acceleration programs range from £20 – £50k depending on the results you require; from live Polymathic one hour training sessions to increase flow state, to full professional retraining to world leader level. The only question is — what you want to do with your mind and what kind of life do you want to lead.

Start your journey here, with this basic training and then progress through the 30-day challenge, to assess your levels of PQ – potential quota and suitability for further mental acceleration programs.

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