Why Mental Acceleration

Why Mental Acceleration

As a society we focus primarily on the body for health, not so much on the mind, hardly ever on the spirit, yet just like a muscle changes structure and increases strength with the right level of exercise, so does the neuroplasticity of the brain change to give ourselves access to a greater life experience. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT REALISATION FOR YOU TO APPLY.

This means with relatively little — but precise — linguistic work to develop the hardware of your brain (not knowledge for its own sake as the default to a better life), you can rapidly up the capacity and output of your mind in terms of confidence, communication and creativity; just by changing the function, intention and environment. These life changing transformational gains however, are just the start — for once hemispheric synchronisation & flow state step in, life becomes a whole new game to play and master.

This is the technical bit...

Conventional personal development — gain more knowledge (data) within the current identity of limitation, which is inherently limited in its application of the new data. Ergo, limited results.

Mental Acceleration (MA) — Develop the operating platform first as the primary goal — the brain’s neuroplasticity — by

Challenging the self identification within limitation of backstory,
earning the programming language of mind,
Expanding awareness of self and society
Altering the angle of attack from repeater to creator
Repeating the process with another person.


To develop the mind, we begin by moving from using the unconsciously and consciously adopted limiting thought and linguistic programs of the inauthentic identity — that are ascendant in the dominant left-brain convergent thinking we are suppresed into by society from an early age. We move out of alpha and beta brain waves that are the lower frequency of the untrained and unfocused mind, into gamma and theta, with defined strategic abilities to overcome life’s future challenges effectively. This is called AGILE thinking, and to achieve it, you need to learn how the mind works and master managing your thoughts and emotions to go C.L.E.A.R.

This last paragraph may have lost you a little, as your brain is currently functioning at a fraction of its cognitive capacity. In fact, due to the toxic stress of modern life — you have a level of brain damage (we all do) until we work the brain out of its unconsciously self-reinforcing jail of security. Brain fog, tiredness, lack of focus and energy, doubt, delay, denial, distraction and confusion, any and all are symptoms of brain damage due to toxic stress — you may recognise in yourself. If you are coping and getting by, and not accelerating away with your thinking and life, developing the neuroplasticity, the bandwidth and frequency of your mind is your first position. The second, is selecting new faster programs for your mind to run.


If you’ve taken recreational drugs or psychedelics, or other stimulants to an addiction level, your thinking and verbalisation skills will be even more impaired — especially in the context of wishing to accelerate the mind. You simply have more work to do to recover lost function.

To give you an insight of the technical aspects of mental acceleration, we’ve included a schematic on this page that depicts the 30 keys you will need to master as a foundation to taking this path. MA is the elite area of the personal development world, it’s the extreme end of improvement that takes constant dedication and focus. Consequently it doesn’t suit everyone, but the results are how we were naturally supposed to live. The path is not an easy one, it’s a rabbit hole that requires unpacking your identity, and you will only be able to accelerate your thinking within the prevailing band width of your mind at any one time, until your neuroplasticity develops. Just like muscles and weights, you have to work the muscle till it can handle new heavier weights.

If you would like to try the thirty day challenge … it’s a good place to begin understanding MA.

What stops a person from mentally accelerating

The short answer is ego mostly within the shell identity. The autopilot system of the unconscious mind is designed to keep the individual safe whilst in the non-actualised state, this is why doubt, delay, denial, and distraction as well as deletion and distortion of reality are in the ascendency. The longer the person remains “unaware” of their higher-selves, the more the brain closes down to reject threats to its projected reality, using immature and mature argument to maintain what is called an Island of Certainty In The Sea Of Eternity. Once PQ (Potential Quota) rises, at this point the hero’s journey begins and the individual ascends as the brain’s structures develop. This can happen at any stage of life, or not at all.

It’s logical to stay physically and mentally fit & healthy for longevity and to maximise the life experience, yet people eat and drink things that are detrimental to their lives, and certainly create thought vortexes and addictive patterns that can be personally and socially destructive.

When the unconscious mind is in the ascendency, it’s very difficult for the individual to be aware of their levels of awareness; consequently, calibration of the mind is an essential technique to master in the field of consciousness training and mental acceleration. When a person is at the break-out point from the shell, into the second birth of self and social actualisation our trainings will be the inevitable path to choose.

The results you can expect from mental acceleration

If you think of your A person, the identity you have right now, with backstory, unconscious patterns, thought addictions, self identification through limitation, toxic stress, limited perspective reality, alpha and beta waves with low levels of creative problem solving and flow state, confusion, plus a lack of thought and thought to verbalisation speed, without agile thinking, critical thought and strategic thinking, and no holistic personal philosophical belief system that stands up to scrutiny within the context of meaning, purpose and destiny, — NOW free yourself from all this without fear or the need for validation with others, so you brain can grow in frequency and bandwidth to release your core identity so you can enjoy abundance, the path to enlightenment and limitless amounts of energy and love, in your B person, then decide for yourself if the results are worth the investment.

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