The MindGYM is as it says a Gym for your mind. Become a Member and start your training at your own pace – but remember the more you put into it, the better the results will be.

What would it be like if you had limitless amounts of confidence, creativity, and communication skills? If you could learn faster, remember more, problem-solve, and critically think like the greatest minds that ever lived? How would your life be?

Have you ever suffered brain fog, confusion, doubt, procrastination, or stress? Have you ever wished that you’d been better at school, or you could have been more successful in your career? Well, NMA is your answer…




You, your family, your loved ones, your co-workers and your staff, have over recent years been exposed to high levels of sustained social toxic stress — that can cause a mild form of brain damage to the synapses — resulting in brain fog, poor decision-making capabilities and low problem-solving capabilities.  With excessive states of conscious and unconscious fear due to the pandemic, climate change, war and uncertainty, thinking moves away from the creative neocortex to the stem of the brain — the oldest part — with slow defensive and aggressive thought tendencies —  of fight, flight or freeze. In addition to this , if you have been to school, you have been exposed to over 15 years of repetitive conditioning rather than creativity and creative problem solving, that has reduced your fluid intelligence & mental agility down to a minimum. And unfortunately as a consequence, you can only think your thinking is normal, as just like a drunk man trying to determine how drunk he is, it’s difficult to calibrate one’s own brain function, and realise how limited our thinking has become.

So take your first step here to reverse the trend, as well as experience so much more than you thought possible.

The MindGYM App

LOW PRICE Basic Membership for just £9.95

NMA will change your life & your fortunes … and here it’s just at your fingertips to try today. It’s A NO BRAINER TO START TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN for guaranteed outcomes, with the fastest minds available to train you.


Multiple Options of intense scientific mind training will give you the decision-making acceleration capability you desire — through flow state and hemispheric synchronisation, for states of super creativity, strategic thinking and awareness.


An EASY entry point to the most advanced mental training programs in the world developed for entrepreneurs and business leaders to access fluid intelligence and agile thinking, through the art of critical thinking in flow state.

Community & Support

Join a global community of committed like-minded thinkers with the desire to learn NMA, so they can make an impact together; people dedicated to giving you the support necessary to make your journey a success. PEOPLE WHO ARE LEARNING TO ACCELERATE THEIR MINDS 3000% PLUS.

Why the MindGYM is the world’s most powerful App..

What is it you want most from life — happiness, wealth, success, relationship, meaning, wisdom, health, fitness, longevity, energy… you choose, and the app will help you achieve your desire, by training your mind to be able to accomplish whatever you wish most.

The MindGYM is a brain training App that works scientifically to develop the neuroplasticity of your mind, so you can become a creative and innovative genius, thinking quicker in super-states of creativity and creative people-solving, whilst in gamma and theta brain waves of flow state and hemispheric synchronisation. You will be able to tap into boundless energy, and develop your physical and mental capabilities. In effect, the app gives you the mind and the body, to manifest into your life of your greatest desire.

Here is a list of what the app will develop in you, your family or your employees:

✅ Authentic Confidence

✅ Advanced Communication skills

✅ Public speaking

✅ Strategic thinking

✅ Negation skills

✅ Critical thought

✅ Socratic argument

✅ Emotional management

✅ Agile thinking

✅ Actionary thinking

✅ Leadership and management

✅ Business and career development

✅ Financial awareness

✅ Creative problem solving

✅ Entrepreneurial thinking

✅ Positive polarity

✅ Energetic manifestation

✅ Emotioneering

✅ Imagineering

✅ Hemispheric synchronisation

✅ Flow state

✅ Gamma and theta brain waves

✅ Focus

✅ Memory

✅ Agility of mind

✅ Empathetic understanding

✅ Co creative abilities

✅ Metabolic management

✅ Physical & mental wellness

✅ Weight loss

✅ Muscle development

✅ Physical Flexibility

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MindGYM Memberships


Join For Free
£ 0,- Per Month
    Introduction to the MindGYM and Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA)
    Designed to take you as big as your thinking can go and beyond; incl. a free 8-day challenge
    Get a free glimpse into the content of the MindGYM.club
    Join our community chat within the App so you can share ideas and develop insights.


Perfect To Start With
£ 9,95 Per Month
    Gain access to OVER 200 HOURS OF AUDIO VISUAL MATERIAL* that is designed to act as a catalyst to expand the bandwidth of your thinking.
    Access to a range of sample introductions, essays and reports on NMA, The Future of Work, Human Potential and Consciousness.
    Join our community chat within the App so you can share ideas and develop insights.
    Assessment call with one of our trainers to determine YOUR PQ (Potential Quota).


The Mind & Body Program
£ 69,- Per Month
    Gain access to OVER 200 HOURS OF AUDIO VISUAL MATERIAL* that is designed to act as a catalyst to expand the bandwidth of your thinking.
    Access to a range of sample introductions, essays and reports on NMA, The Future of Work, Human Potential and Consciousness.
    Join our community chat within the App so you can share ideas and develop insights.
    Fitness & Weight Loss made easy - Take charge of your wellbeing by enhancing your mind and body through your natural mechanisms; lose weight, get fit & build a great body
  • 20 min PRIVATE ASSESSMENT & Coaching Call per month
    Monthly call with one of our trainers for Q&A and to discuss your progress within the Mind & Body Gym.
Mind & Body


Get All The Benefits
£ 199,- Per Month
    Gain access to OVER 200 HOURS OF AUDIO VISUAL MATERIAL* that is designed to act as a catalyst to expand the bandwidth of your thinking.
    Access to a range of sample introductions, essays and reports on NMA, The Future of Work, Human Potential and Consciousness.
    Join our community chat within the App so you can share ideas and develop insights.
    1hr Live Polymathic
    Training (Mon-Fri) as an active Co-Creator on practicing flow state to achieve massively increased levels of Confidence, Communication & Creativity.
    Introspection, Guidance and Community are fundamental in NMA - As Premium Member and Co-Creator you get a personal 30 min coaching call each month.
    Learn how to co-create & collaborate by working with our Global Community - public speaking, holding rooms and co-creating
    Become A Co-Creator and join our Reward Program to inspire others and get rewarded each month for it.

* incl. Quantum Tapes (95+ Audios with over 28 hours), Mindmapping - Schematic Training (28 schematics in over 8 hours), 27 skills To Master Human Alchemy (27 Module Course), Shell vs. Core Mini Course, Entrepreneurial Starter Course, Confidence and Speaking Course, Self- and Social Actualisation Mini Course

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Download our MindGym App, start with a Basic Course or join as a Premium Member – Whether you prefer a Basic Membership to explore your limitless potential step by step or jump right into the deep waters, the choice is yours to make.

APP Summary

Our mission is to promote the well-being of humanity around the world, by ensuring each person has an equal opportunity to realise their potential through developing the mind through the actualisation of self and social awareness; not with the past paradigms of limited living in mind, but by becoming the limitless architects of the future.

Through using multiple psychological challenges to the mind — the app is designed to unpack a person’s internal world map and limiting self-identification on a fundamental level; which means the identity itself — in terms of thoughts, beliefs, needs, addictions, wants and desires, all explored in a holistic way, expanding the mind progressively, creating new synapses and subsequent choice, through increased states of awareness/ consciousness. Through learning the programming language of mind, a person can become the master of mind — which means their thoughts and words move into a natural super-creative mind space of flow and hemispheric synchronisation; retaining high levels of symbiotic, personal, social, environmental, situational, global and spiritual awareness.


Introduction to Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration  (NMA)

Eleven Introductory Steps incl. Eight-day challenge

Self and Social Actualisation Mini Course

Shell vs Core Advanced Mini Course (2.5 hours)

Short Confidence and Speaking Course (80 mins)

NMA Quantum Tapes — unlimited

Mind-Mapping Schematics (Basic 3 Modules)

Entrepreneur Starter Coures (2.5 hours)

Dimensional Thinking (75 mins)

The Art of Spiritual Combat/Decision-Making (5 hours)

27 Skills of Human Alchemy (2.5 hours)

Consciousness University Library Access

Community Chat & Invitations to Events

Support Program

31-day Mind Training Challenge

Kernesthetics Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss (4 months)

S.C.I.E.N.C.E.S. Of Your Unknown Universe Course (60 hours)

World Leader Program (150 hour Course)

Live Polymathic Trainimg (20 hours per month)

Session Summaries (8 Modules)

Community Mastermind

Business Mastermind

Business Development Program

Live Trainings —  20 Weekday Session per month

Non-Combative Argument — Socratic Arguement

Polymathic Training — Flow State and Public Speaking

3 Month NMA Personal & Practitioner Training

12 Month NMA Trainer Trainer Training

NMA Culture Change Training

NMA Innovation and Agility Training

AI & Futurism Training

NMA Outplacement Training


AI vs Humans

Future of work (3 Essays)

HR Issues 2022 (Essay)


Personal Growth

To Be Or Not To Be

How To Say Yes & When To Say No

You VS You

How To Give Up Work & Get Rich In Life


Empowerment, Social Development and Psychology

How To Make One Million in 21 Weeks (Entrepreneurial thinking)

Money Power Sex (Influence)

Psychobabble (Psychology)

Ignorance Is Bliss Principle (Social Development)

The Bedroom To The Boardroom (Personal Empowerment)

How To Create The Perfect Man (Relationship Empowerment)


Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA)

Human 3.0 The Great Re-Evolution – plus course (NMA Series Part One)

Cult Of One — Cult Of Many — Cult Of AI (NMA Series Past Two)

NMA Training (NMA Series Part Three)

World Leader’s Training Book (NMA Series Part Four)


Novels & Inspiration

FatMan (Novel)

Conversations With God, Satan & Tom Cruize (Novel)

My Epitaph (Inspiration)

The Founder of The MindGYM.club

Hi There,

Thank you for taking a look into the world of NMA, and the MindGYM APP — which is the entry porthole for you to explore a whole new you, a whole new world, and begin to become the creative architect of your life & your future you were always destined to enjoy.

It’s a very exciting place for you to be, and I can remember many years ago being where you are right now — after a business career — with to be fair, no idea of what the future would hold, or how far I could expand my mind — just by learning to think in a different way — through exploring self and social awareness. By asking questions, that were in themselves — beyond my awareness to know or to ask.

Over 15 years later, with countless hours of clinical research and development into human potential, from the neuroscience, behavioural science, psychological & spiritual worlds, I can share here with you how to develop the neuroplasticity of your mind — as I have, into super-states of brain function, so you can live and experience your life, way beyond what you ever thought was possible, without limitation. Through the App, you will gain access to over 23 books and essays that encompass my proprietary work, as well as over 200 hours of audio visual training materials, all accomplished in flow state — hemispheric synchronisation in gamma & theta brain waves, leveraging the unconscious mind. And there are no reasons why you cannot create the same, if not much much more!

If you would like to find out more about me, and why consciousness & NMA are my life’s work and passion, you can head over to my personal site at kernfrost.com, but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing about the exciting experiences you are about to uncover.

Good Luck & Best Wishes.

Kern Frost



Most frequent questions and answers

By engaging in polymathic training on a daily basis, we change the structure (neuroplasticity) — the platform of the mind — to run new programs of increased levels of confidence, creativity and communication.

Polymathic training, uses multiple subjects at the same time, within an unrehearsed verbal flow state presentation on a single word, for up to one hour. It starts with a minute to learn the beginnings of flow state and to address the holistic nature of identity — which breaks a person out of the shell identity by catalysts of suggestion and challenge.

The results are massively increased levels of awareness, emotional management and strategic thinking, away from alpha and beta brain wave dominance.

Each session is an opportunity to express, ask questions, develop ideas and learn as an equal co-creator. Depending on your membership you are either part of the audience or participating fully as a co-creator. Group daily training are either on Clubhouse or Zoom at 8pm Central European Time. The details will be shared daily on the comunity chat (for Audience) and within the Co-Creator WA Group.

The MindGYM is as it says a Gym for your mind. Depending on your membership you can get access to over 200 hours of audio visual material and books that are designed to act as a catalyst to expand the bandwidth of your thinking. The subjects covered include psychology, philosophy, theology, physiology, metaphysics, quantum physics, entrepreneurialism and spirituality. It is the ultimate health, wealth and wisdom acceleration program for you to explore.

It’s up to you! Become a member and start your training at your own pace with the program that currently suits you the best – but remember the more you put into it, the better the results will be.

Within NMA you have to remember that you’re constantly being challenged with your “old” thinking and believes that you’ve adopted in all the years of your life. So if you’re 43, you’re challenging 43 x 365 = +15’695 days of conditioning – that will need a little bit of attention, time and effort to get back to the basics and create the life that you deserve; out of the prison of the mind. It really comes down to the idea that the more you put into it, the more you get out. If you’d like to drop out, you can cancel your subscription anytime – and come back in your own time to keep growing.

To cancel your subscription simply send an email to contact@councilforhumandevelopment.org, message the admin in the MindGYM chat or cancel your payment on stripe directly.

Of course! As we would like to give ever soul on this planet the opportunity to learn more about NMA we appreciate if you share the program with others and support them in their growth. All Co-Creators are at liberty to join the affiliate program and get up to 30% as a return, whilst we invest our part into the development of the technology for the HUMAN BLOCKCHAIN — a fully autonomous human 3.0 advanced mental professional training and investment platform, as well as the consciousness coin to enable the development of an interdependent global ecosystem, OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

Our goal is to raise 10 million for this project to solve global inequality, injustice, ignorance, poverty and unemployment. With your help — we can do this, and free people from the slavery of the unconscious negatively competitive commercial system we sure born into, ready to upgrade their thinking to human 3.0 to effectively partner with AI, not get left behind as a victim in outdated and polarised, left brain convergent thinking.