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The Basics

The principle behind Kernesthetics starts with simply getting you to move your body with intensity throughout the day at intervals designed to support a genuine lifestyle of health and wellness, instead of just a isolated hour in the gym and remaining passive 95% of the day or more.

Regardless of your age, size or circumstance, it takes advantage of the natural use of your body’s mechanics without the need for workouts, weights, gyms or diets combined with strong visualisation techniques.

Based on how our ancestors behaviour would have programed the metabolism to FAT STORE or LEAN BURN, two specific profiles of CAVE OR HUNTER are just as important to our bodies TODAY.

The key to rapid weight loss is reprogramming your metabolism to lean burn: in metabolic terms this means four distinct changes:

Minimum Insulin Resistance

Efficient Blood Sugar Cleansing

Maximum Glycogen Uptake

Minimum Fat Storage

Once you understand the behaviour triggers that govern the metabolism, and how intensity can be applied to your daily routine along with things like other natural daily events like going to the loo or having a shower, then you can reprogram your metabolism to burn leanly like a Hunter, lose that belly, and sculpt your perfect body if you want.

So if you want to look like a HUNTER, you have to think like one, FLEX like one and also eat like one. Today we can still see the two profiles of CAVE or HUNTER working in modern man.

The question remains: are you HUNTER or are you CAVE?

Make the test: Are you...

As you may notice anything you do that fits into routine – even going to the gym or workout classes regularly – programs the metabolism to slow burn. Anything that we do that is passive and reactionary like watching TV also gradually impairs our mental acuity.


START : Governing Metabolic state – CAVE

 Understand YOUR Body

Create mental physical goal

Start flexing

Develop your visualisation skills

Increase intensity

Increase motivation

Metabolic switch – lean burn/after burn

Maintain desired flex rate/profile for goal

Weight loss

Increased body heat – due to burn

Reduced food requirement – due to lean burn

General maintenance daily flex


FINISH : Governing metabolic state – HUNTER

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