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How it all works

What you put into your body and how much you use it will result in exactly what you see in the mirror. You are what you eat so to speak, so you could say if you eat burgers your likely to end up looking like a burgers and if your eat carrots then you will be lean and thin. However, eating and drinking what we like and when we like is fun and makes us feel good, so the solution to eating what you want is to burn the excess calories through exercise. But if you don’t like the gym, going to classes, or running, there’s not a lot left except pills and expensive fat reducing procedures.

Kernesthetics is fast replacing all these alternatives simply by using the power of the imagination combined increasing your daily flex profile. The flex rate is the number of times you flex a muscle each day. Many people don’t actually flex many of their muscle groups at all, causing fat to build and hang whilst the muscle wastes. Saggy belly, love handles on the hips and chicken wings under the arms, are all symptoms of a low if non-existent flex rate in a specific area of the body.

Think, if you worked all day in a highly physical job, your calorie burn would be higher because your flex rate was higher. If you sit in an office, the index of your flex rate would be in comparison very low. So the answer is simply to increase your daily flex rate.

Kernesthetics are a range of flex exercises design to be carried out anytime anywhere. There is no need for fitness clothes, sweating or any other special circumstances – just engaging in flexing throughout the day, in order to increase the flex rate. Using the imagination to mentally simulate additional weight – increases the level of flex tension and resistance experienced. Also as muscle power increases the levels of flex tension and resistance are corresponding more powerful, thus creating a more powerful flex for increased/compound results.

The effects are excellent, as strength, stamina, and general finiteness levels make rapid gains. Depending on how focused the individual is, weight loss can 10kg per month, with strength levels increasing over the same period.

Kernesthetics is not about body building – it’s simply a life routine that is designed to balance out the calorie intake, with an effective means of outtake. This means we can eat and drink what we like without feeling guilty or seeing the results in the mirror the next day. Live it up and flex more – that’s it.

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